English Golden Retriever Puppies

Our puppy’s come with Puppy Culture program!  

Puppy Culture  program includes…


  • Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Developmental Periods

    • Age Appropriate Games and Exercises

    • Handling Fear Periods

  • Enrichment Effect

    • Creating an Enriching Environment 

    • Puzzles and Problem Solving

    • Active vs Passive Challenges



  • Early Socialization
    • Safety Measures

    • Holding a Puppy Party For Socialization 

      Beginnings of crate training

  • Communication Trinity

    • Training Marker (clicker training)

    • Offering Good Behaviors

    • Minding and teaching sit 

  • Problem Prevention

    • Emotional Resiliency Exercises

    • Anti-Aggression Protocols 

    • Sound-Proofing Puppies

  • Preparing Your Puppy for going home with new families. 

    Also a one year health contract 


    State issued Health certificate from reproduction specialist 


    First shots


    Three rounds of dewormer


    AKC registration and AKC welcome package


    Toys that smell like mom  and full gift bag with clicker and everything you need to continue the training we started for your new family member.